Dramatic eye look using Morphe Brushes 35W Palette!

Eye Look 1

Hey everyone!

I know that on my home page I said I was going to post every Friday. Today is obviously not Friday and I am so sorry! I was planning to post on time but I came down with this awful cold and I have been too tired/weak to post. Even though this post is late, it doesn’t mean that my next one will be so check back on Friday for my next post!

I’ve received requests to do a look with the Morphe Brushes “35W- 35 Color Warm Palette” that I spoke about in the first blog I posted (see the link to this blog below this paragraph). This look happens to be a dark and dramatic because I wore it during a Baltimore Ravens game (yes I am a Ravens fan!) so it isn’t an everyday eye look BUT would be great for a night out, etc. I’m planning on doing another tutorial really soon using this palette that’s a little more wearable so look out for that shortly!


DISCLAIMER- The main three colors I used were gold, purple and black, since this was for a Ravens game. Unfortunately, the purple didn’t show up very well on camera and that was because I accidentally put on too much black, which by the way, is extremely pigmented! So feel free to use any color in place of the purple, but even though I am a little bit biased, I have always thought that purple and gold together was gorgeous anyway!

Since each individual color doesn’t have a name, I turned the picture of the palette into a chart and will refer to each color bingo style!


So let’s begin!

Step 1: Eye Shadow Primer: I used my favorite eye shadow primer “Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer”, which I discussed a little bit in my last blog.

Step 2: Transition Shade: I used the color B3 and I dusted this in the crease of my eye, concentrating most of it from the outer V of the eye and brought it in lightly to the inner corner. Make sure to blend it out so there aren’t any harsh lines!

Step 3: Eyelid Part 1: I used the colors D6 and D7 mixed together from the palette to create the shade of purple I desired. I packed these colors on the outside half of the lid; do not get it on the inside half of the lid! Then take your brush (do not add any more color!) and blend the color out into the crease and the outer V to create a gradual effect into the transition shade.

Step 4: Outer V: I used the color E7 which is a lovely matte black but VERY pigmented. Definitely apply this black shade a little bit at a time so it doesn’t cover up the purple, or whatever shade you decide to use. I concentrated this on the outer V and lightly brought this into the crease towards the inner half of my eye, but not all the way. Make sure to blend!

Step 5: Eyelid Part 2: I used the color B7 from the palette and packed it on the inside half of the lid; do not get it on the outside half of the lid! I really packed on this color because I wanted it to be as bright as possible. I didn’t even use glitter glue, Mac fix plus, etc to get that color to pop either which was awesome. Once this color is as bright as you want it, you want to take the gold and the purples and start blending them together in the middle of the lid for a seamless look!

Step 6: Bottom Lash Line: I took the transition shade I used, B3, and placed it on my entire bottom lash line. I then took E7 and focused it on the outer part of my lash line, connecting the black up with the outer V. I placed B7 on the inner part of my lash line which really helps open up the eyes and the look in general.

Step 6: Brow Bone: I always mix A1 and A2 from this palette to get the brow bone highlight I like, but that’s just me!

Step 7: Makeup Removal Wipe: To create that dramatic sharp eye, I placed a makeup removing wipe underneath the center of my bottom lash line. With the wipe wrapped around my finger, I did a sweeping motion from my lash line up towards the tail of my eyebrow on both sides. In my last tutorial I used tape to create this look as well, so it’s really just up to whatever you prefer!

Step 8: Eye Liner: I’ve been using the NYC liquid eyeliner for the past few months and I love it! It dries to a matte black finish and is easy to apply. AND it’s only $3! I decided not to go with a wing for this long since it was pretty dark already and I was just watching the game at home with my family.

Step 9: Mascara: The mascara of my choice that I used for both the top and bottom lashes is Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara. The wand is small, the mascara lengthens my eye lashes and doesn’t clump! Not to mention, it’s only$3! So I placed two coats of Mascara on my upper lashes and one coat on my lower lashes. I also used an eyelash curler on my upper lashes to finish off the look!

And that is how you get this dramatic look!

Please leave comments on your thoughts/suggestions for my next blog below. Follow my blog as new posts will be appearing every Friday (I promise!) and follow me on twitter!

Thanks for chatting with Jack!


  1. Hope you are feeling better:) I really love this makeup look its so bold, but very pretty. Gold is my favorite eye shadow color.

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