Naked 2 Palette Eye Tutorial!

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Guess who got the Naked 2 Palette for Christmas!!!!!

I know right, I’m obviously hopping on this bandwagon late in the game but maybe you’re like me and couldn’t bring yourself to spend $55 dollars on a palette! And of course, it is AMAZING! The shadows are beautiful, pigmented and last on my eyes all day!

The featured image is the first look I ever did with this palette and I love it! I used golds and browns to create this look and once you get to know me more, you’ll realize I will always gravitate to these colors (I’m a little obsessed…).

So let the tutorial begin!

Step 1: Eye Shadow Primer: Since I did this look around 9:00am and wanted to last all day/night, as we were traveling to do Christmas in New Hampshire with the relatives, I used my favorite eye shadow primer that I’ve used for years: the “Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer”.

Step 2: Tape: To create that dramatic sharp eye, I placed two pieces of scotch tape underneath my eyes that follows my bottom lash line up towards the tail of my eyebrow. Once I apply all of the eye shadow and eye liner, I gently take it off and have that nice crisp edge which I love. It’s not for everybody, so feel free to ignore this step!

Step 2: Transition Shade: I used the color “Tease” from the palette. It’s this nice matte cool brownish purple color and I dusted this in the crease of my eye, concentrating most of it from the outer V of the eye and brought it in lightly to the inner corner. Make sure to blend it out so there aren’t any harsh lines!

Step 3: Crease/Outer V shade: I used the color “Busted” from the palette to give my eyes some depth and concentrated it mostly in the outer V and brought it into the crease. Make sure to blend!

Step 4: Eyelid Part 1: I used the color “Snakebite” from the palette and packed it on the outside half of the lid that is closest to the outside corner. Focus this only on the outside half of the eyelid, try not to get it in the create because the next think you want to do is blend this color into in the outer V and the crease for a gradual effect.

Step 5: Eyelid Part 2: I used the color “Half Baked” from the palette and packed it on the inside half of the lid that is closest to the inside corner. Focus this only on the inside half of the lid. Then take your brush and blend “Half Baked” and “Snakebite” together in the middle of your lid to create a gradual effect here as well.

Step 6: Brow Bone: The color I used for my brow bone highlight was “Foxy”!

Step 7: Eye Liner: I’ve been using the NYC liquid eyeliner for the past few months and I love it! It dries to a matte black finish and is easy to apply. AND it’s only $3 at CVS (see link below)! (it was the first link that popped up, I actually bought mine at Target for around the same price). I gave myself a little bit of a wing and left the tape on to make sure it was even on both sides! But feel free to remove the tape before hand.

Step 8: Mascara: The mascara of my choice that I used for both the top and bottom lashes is Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara. My eyelashes do NOT like to behave, but for some reason, they love this stuff! I think the reason why I love it so much is because the wand is so small! The mascara also lengthens my eye lashes and doesn’t clump! Not to mention, it’s only$3! (see link below) So placed two coats of Mascara on my upper lashes and one coat on my lower lashes. I also used an eyelash curler on my upper lashes to finish off the look!

And that is how you get this look!

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Thanks for chatting with Jack!


    1. Thank you! Honestly, I asked for all three for Christmas and I got the second one haha. But im not disappointed, they’re all beautiful. And since I loved this palette so much I’m sure I’ll be purchasing the other ones in the future!

  1. Hi MJacks! I can appreciate jumping in the Naked bandwagon late….I just got my Naked 3 palate this summer. My friends own the Naked 2 and the Naked Basics and swear that the basics palate is the go-to for everyday.
    I read through your tutorial & you are the 2nd person I have heard of to use the tape on your eye….interesting concept I’ll have to try. Thanks for the tutorial! Looks great!

    1. Yes! Something else I discovered is that you can use a makeup remover wipe instead of tape too! Just take your finger with the wipe around it and start at the middle/outer edge of your bottom lash line and swoop your finger up towards the end of the tail of your brow! This gives you the same edgey eye look! Thank you for the feedback!

  2. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I just got the Naked 2 palette for Christmas and I love seeing tutorials on them. Can’t wait to see more of your posts!

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